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Hybrid Learning & Enrichment Program


TK5 - 5th Grade

Applications Open End of June 2022

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Hybrid Learning & Enrichment Program

Supporting your EdVentures in Homeschooling!

Roswell, GA

Our Program

EdVentures is a hybrid learning and enrichment program geared to homeschooling families that offers educational flexility in their homeschooling journey. Our drop-off program allows flexibility for modern homeschooling families who have time commitments beyond the classroom or who want their children to experience a strong social network outside the home. Our mixed-age approach allows students to accelerate or decelerate as needed to find their personal challenge point. Our theme-based curriculum focuses on the tenets of deeply respecting and understanding our environment and nature, building community through meaningful human connections, and respecting the beautiful array of people and cultures in our country and beyond. We will be using a blend of secular, literature-based curriculum along with our own curated resources to create a dynamic, engaging, hands-on, literature-rich, creative program that inspires and excites learning. 



Our 2 day hybrid learning program is a nurturing, "micro-school" climate that supports homeschooling families by pairing individualized education at home with opportunities for cooperative, theme-based learning at school. Our program focuses on integrated theme-based learning in the core subjects of language arts, science, social studies, and math. art, games, fun, and social development are also large components of the program. Families will be offered the option to use our program to fulfill requirements in the core subjects (resources and assignments will be sent home on non-class days) or as a supplemental program (families will provide their own instruction or activities on non-class days as they see fit). Through this partnership, students are able to build deep social relationships in a relaxed and supportive learning environment that meets them where they are while also maintaining parental freedom of choice in their child's educational plan!


Our Friday "EdVenturers" program can be paired with the hybrid to add social enrichment or used in conjunction with your homeschool program. The Friday enrichment program will consist of 3 on-site mornings per month (9-12) and one “bring the family” offsite field trip. Students will enjoy games, art, social activities, and a revolving selection of fun electives. This format allows for students to build deeper social connections than a single class format and helps to foster a sense of community and belonging.



Our social membership includes planned social outings such as park play dates, access to field trips, meetups, and even family campouts! This membership is included in the hybrid and enrichment programs, but is also open to non-enrolled homeschooling families.  


We believe that students are creative and competent learners who should have the opportunity to learn for mastery, being gently guided towards deep understanding, rather than feeling restrained by the fear of making a mistake or receiving a poor grade. Learning is life...and we learn by working through mistakes...not by being judged by them in the traditional "red pen approach. 

Our Programming Options



TK - 2nd

T/TH + Optional Friday Enrichment

A nurturing, developmental, experiential program offering exciting thematic units that develop academic, social, and emotional skills. TK - 2nd

Elementary Hybrid

Advanced 2nd - 5th Grade

T/TH + Optional Friday Enrichment

Pairing individualized home education with a socially cooperative learning experience that supports the whole child!

Friday EdVenturers

TK - 5th Grade

Friday Onsite Enrichment +

EdVentures Field Trips

Learning is an EdVenture with social enrichment opportunities, "bring the family" field trips, outdoor adventures, campouts, and more! 



All Ages

A La Carte Enrichment

Classes & Courses

We offer a variety of stand-alone classes and semester-long courses throughout the year. From Spanish to Cake Decorating, there is something for everyone!

We value the voice of the child as it is their voice that is most important in the learning process. Therefore, our teachers put less emphasis on the time they spend teaching using their own voice 
and more emphasis on the time learners spend LEARNING using THEIRS!

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Our Hybrid Model


Our mixed-age, micro-model hybrid program allows students the opportunity to learn and work in a social setting for a few days per week while also enjoying individualized education and family time at home. We provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum for students in transitional kindergarten (age 5) through 5th grade. Accommodating the needs of modern homeschooling families, we have several scheduling options available. We offer two academic track options - a 4-Day Academic Track to satisfy grade-level requirements (2 days onsite, 2 days of assigned work at home) and a 2-Day Academic Resource Track designed to supplement your own home education program (2 days onsite; no work sent home). We believe effective learning and deep social relationships are best forged when children are given the opportunity to collaborate, connect, and get creative in small settings. Often, we get caught up the idea that children need "lots of friends" or that "socializing them" means herding them in a large group. But if you think of our own preferences, most adults enjoy intimate encounters with friends or a quiet working environment over large, crowded, anxiety-inducing settings where personal connections and the ability to focus are constantly being interrupted. Our "micro-model" offers a perfect blend of social interactions in an intimate setting where students can enjoy learning, playing, and growing together.

"A child's mind is not a container to be filled but rather a fire to be kindled"
-Dorothea Brande

Our Environment


Our "micro school" environment offers a cozy, home-like setting that allows students to learn in a calm and relaxed setting that bolsters confidence, creativity, and collaboration. In addition to tables and chairs, we have couches, mats, and other spaces to work. Like many urban spaces, we are limited in outdoor space - therefore, we do as most families do - we take advantage of local parks, greenspaces, and trails for our daily dose of nature and gross motor play. We average 12 students per class, with a ratio of 1:8. Our small class size helps forge deep social relationships among our students and families. We embrace a culture of diversity, tolerance, and respect for all. We believe children are competent, creative, and collaborative learners who thrive when given the opportunity to explore in a comfortable, caring, and calm (but FUN!) atmosphere.

Playful Kids

Childhood  is not there is to see how quickly a child can write and count. childhood is a small window of time to learn and develop at the place which is right for each individual child” -Unknown

Gardening Lesson

Our Teachers & Guides


We believe in investment. When hiring teachers and learning guides (associate teachers), we look not only to qualifications and experience, but also to their support and enthusiasm in our philosophy and vision. Our teachers deeply understand that parents, not the school, are ultimately in charge of a child’s education, and they are invested in supporting parents in that responsibility. Our teachers and learning guides embrace the notion that a child’s learning experience should be appropriate for his/her personal developmental level, not necessarily their age. This means that they are willing to set aside “old-school” teaching habits to create and curate the most meaningful, engaging, and customized curriculum for the students currently in their class. Our teachers provide an educational experience that allows children to explore, learn, and grow in a way where they can thrive socially, cognitively, and emotionally. Lead teachers hold a minimum qualification of a bachelor’s in education (or closely related field) and have extensive experience working with students and families. Learning guides (associate teachers) have a background in education, child or human development, or personal experience in homeschooling.

“Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common. Celebrate it every day.”
– Anonymous

Our Curriculum


We believe in the natural curiosity and competency of children, and we strive to encourage, not quell, these innate traits! Our curriculum is standards-based, but delivered in a non-standard style! Our curated curriculum allows us to integrate academics fluidly through engaging themes, "living" books, interactive learning centers, and collaborative projects. Our developmental, hands-on curriculum fosters critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. We provide instruction in the core subjects using a complementary blend of program-created resources and literature-based boxed curriculum. Parents have the option to use our 4-day academics track to fulfill grade level requirements (2 days onsite, with 2 days of take-home assignments) or as a 2-day academic resource to your own academic program. We are engaged and creative learners who aren't afraid to get our hands dirty! We have a high level of social interaction to ensure students have ample opportunity to strengthen social, emotional, and communication skills in the formative years. We also provide numerous opportunities for family interactions, experiences, and adventures to foster a lively sense of community.

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“We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.”~ Stacia Tauscher

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Our "EdVentures"


In addition to classroom learning, we promote a high level of community-building and experiential learning through social enrichment and off-site "EdVentures." Our EdVentures range from specialty classes to social meetups at parks or docent-guided field trips at museums or nature centers, to apple-picking in the mountains. These events help students and families build deeper relationships with one another while exploring our beautiful community together. They also create a schema for future learning that is unparalled to anything that can be learned in a classroom. We know that children thrive in green settings where they can move, play, and explore more freely than when confined indoors. Therefore, most outings will be nature-focused, taking us to parks, nature centers, local trails, ponds, etc! We will also enjoy several "Day Away" trips throughout the year in which we venture a little further to experience life beyond the city! Families will also enjoy two campouts per year. Mmm...who's in for S'mores? As homeschoolers, we understand that family is a top priority, therefore, all of our EdVentures are open to the whole family!

Restore balance. Most kids have technology, school and extracurricular activities covered. It’s time to add a pinch of adventure, a sprinkle of sunshine and a big handful of  outdoor play.”
-Penny Whitehouse

Our Students


We embrace diversity in all forms and aim to provide a warm, welcoming, and nuturing environment for all, sparking a sense of acceptance, compassion, and community spirit. We are a program for creative thinkers who love to learn. Our ideal student is creative, constructive, and intellectually curious. They enjoy collaborating with others, getting their hands dirty, and diving deeply into subjects of interest. They love nature and are drawn to the outdoors and STEAM-centered learning. They seek creative independence, extended periods of investigation, and a community who supports their intense will to learn. Our program can accomodate mild degrees of neuro- and/or academic diversity, including dislexia, gifted, processing disorders, managed ADD/ADHD, or learning challenges. Though we are not specifcally trained in special education, we are happy to pair with your chosen support services. We are not trained or equipped to handle behavioral challenges or disorders.

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“Don’t wait until your child’s school understands how important green time is for their growing minds.  Today, leave the homework untouched, in favour of outdoor play and real-world learning.”
~Penny Whitehouse

Family Fishing

Our Families


Our ideal parent understands that children have an intense and innate desire to learn. They understand that children can, and will, construct deep learning willingly when offered the right tools, space, time, and circumstances. They understand that the traditional model of education works well for many students, but stifles, crushes, and causes intense anxiety for creatives and intellectuals. Our parents realize that anxiety and fear are the antithesis of a constructive state of learning and they prohibit optimal development. Our families are diverse, respectful, and inclusive. They promote a sense of community and belonging, respect cultural differences, and embrace the individuality of children. They are helpful, community-oriented, and generous with their time. Our families share a common goal: to help children thrive.

The goal of early education should be to activate the child's own desire to learn.
-Maria Montessori